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CCWC Lusaka
CCWC Lusaka ministry departments

Married's Fellowship
The Married's fellowship are our family ministry having an
emphasis on marriage and family.

Men of Promise (MOP)
The Men of Promise (MOP) is the men's ministry of CCWC.

Intercessory Team
Prayer is the heart of our church. The intercessory team
holds intercessory prayers for the church, praying for the
congregation tirelessly.

Vessels of Praise (VOP)
This is our music choir that leads us in worship. The same
group has an album out called Vision Africa. Read more..

Media Team
Our media department comprises of trained full-time stuff
members and other covenant partners of the church. The
team works tirelessly to producing quality products from
audio to video. Read more..

Generation Impact (GI)
This is our young adult ministry comprising of college
and coorporate individuals. The group is vibrant and
dynamic as they ostensibly refer to themselves in the

Club Encounter Ministries (Club EM)
Club EM is our youth ministry. Vibrant, energetic and
relevant to the urban culture.

Children's Church
Our Children's ministry is cartered for by teachers who
are passionate about children. These are trained to
teach children, making sure that the children are
introduced to Christ even at a tender age.