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CCWC Lusaka
In line with the biblical teaching and basic call to the Christian ministry, to prepare (perfect), the saints (believers) for the works of ministry(service) (Ephesians 4:12). The Christian education department (CED) has been established to help raise, develop and equip ministry leaders to actively participate and engage in the general and specific leadership roles of the ministry. In the attempt to achieve these basic objectives the program has been designed and tailored to achieve three fundamental goals:

(1) To help those who are just coming to the knowledge of Christ, and are beginning their christian Life. Even some mature Christians are encouraged to attend the course as a refresher programme to Christian fundamentals as well as to acquaint themselves with how the program is run in readiness for them to engage in the CEP (Christian education program) to teach others at a later date.This is consistent with the motto that we have adopted for leadership - “every leader a coach”. If every leader has to be a coach, then they better be trained well and be equipped to take up leadership responsibilities. Our desire is to raise leaders who will be better trainers of others, so that they may be able to produce maximum results in their field of ministry efforts and service.

(2) The second aim of the program is to develop a mature, sound and well grounded believer who will take up responsibility of their personal Christian faith and general responsibilities in the body of Christ and ministry. Colossians 2:6-10

(3) The third aim of the program is to introduce believers to the different facets of ministerial platforms in the church that are already existing and the possibilities of coming up with those which are not there yet and are relevant to the service of the saints.

The end product of the infusion is that we desire to produce and develop Christians to a level where they begin to recognize, appreciate and participate in the various leadership roles, responsibilities and different callings in their service for the Lord at any given level of ministry and moment in time of service.

All the courses are designed to meet various needs of growth at different stages in the process of the individual’s Christian growth and maturity. These courses are specially designed to meet the needs of both the mature and new believers, therefore both parties can comfortably attend. We therefore as stewards of God's work encourage each and everyone of us to find time and revisit our foundations of our faith, in doing so we will not save ourselves from error but even the lives of those who look up to us in our Christianity and leadership roles. Read more...