John Maxwell said something that I am totally in agreement with, he said that the failure or success of any organization depends on its leadership. As important as the need for competent leadership is, the subject on the other hand has not received the amount of attention it deserves. Few universities let alone Bible schools or seminaries offer this subject as a complete program. Few that have realized its importance offer it as one of the courses within a program.

As I have been observing the body of Christ, being a Pastor myself, I have had many instances where I felt that the Church needs to revisit the issue of training competent leaders. There are quite a number of secular graduate schools for business leadership that are doing a fabulous job of training business executives on effective leadership models. The Church on the other hand is doing very little in tackling this important subject.

As a matter of fact, writing this is very therapeutic to me because it is drawn from a desire that has been mounting in me for years. My desire for leadership development has reached levels where I am now currently pursuing a Doctorate in Leadership and Management at LOGOS University in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

My desire for effective and competent leadership has led me to search the bible to find some principles and models of effective leadership. Allow me to say that effective leadership is both being and doing.

It is with this understanding, background and passion that we at Capital Christian Ministries International endeavor to train Leaders effectively, under our bi-annual 6 weeks Lay Pastor training program.

Write Up By:
Bishop George Mbulo (BA; M.Div.; MBA)
President/Senior Pastor

The African spiritual landscape has experienced great times of divine visitation and a mighty harvest of souls in the past years. There is clear evidence that the church on our continent has gone through an unprecedented spiritual and numerical growth. The church has even made an indelible mark on the social and political scene of most African nations. We are thankful to the Almighty God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has favored our continent over the past years, as most of our faithful Christian workers and missionaries, have tirelessly labored in the name of the Lord.

There is, however a fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit blowing across the African continent, which is steering us towards a time of redefining the mission of the church among our people. The incredible potency of the church, which we have experienced in a measured way in the past several years, still remains to be fully discovered. Capital Christian Ministries International will help contribute to the development of a more effective Gospel Outreach and strengthening of spiritual leadership on the African continent. One of the ways we will achieve a higher and broader level of camaraderie as a body of believers, of like faith, is by hosting special Conference gatherings of God’s people for a time of spiritual renewal and redefining the course of a vibrant and an unwavering church on our continent.

Vision Africa Christian Conferences are multi-denominational gatherings of Christians who need visionary inspiration in their ministry within our African milieu. Even though we may invite special speakers from outside Africa, emphasis shall be on the many gifted and anointed African conference speakers to come and edify the body of believers as we look at some specific themes that are critical to the future advancement of Christianity on the continent of Africa.


Zambia, as many of sub-Saharan African nations, is faced with a serious problem of orphaned or disadvantaged children, several of whom are roaming the streets begging for help. It is estimated that Zambia has between 900,000 to 1,000,000 children who are orphaned and disadvantaged due to difficult economic problems compounded by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the region.

In the year 2000, Pastors George and Beatrice Mbulo, who had moved to the USA in 1987, visited Zambia, the land of their birth. Whilst away from their home country, they had heard and read about the scourge of HIV/AIDS and its impact on the Zambian families and society. During their visit to Zambia in 2000 they saw for themselves the debilitating and degrading conditions in which most of the orphaned children were living.

As they drove around some parts of the city of Lusaka, they saw the great need among disadvantaged children, as evidenced by the large numbers of kids begging for help on the streets of the capital city. They interviewed some of the kids they met on the street to find out what had brought about such difficulties in their life. When they asked them were they lived, one of them pointed up a tree, near to a shopping Centre, where they had made some makeshift hammocks on the tree branches. Others showed them a large water drainage pipe were they spent their nights.

The Mbulos, could not easily walk away from such devastation which they had witnessed in their home country, to get back to their comfortable life in the USA where they were pastoring and had made a home for themselves as permanent residents of the USA. After much prayer and reflection, they decided to respond to the Lord’s call to come back to Zambia, after 14 years in the USA, to come and make a difference, not only in the lives of these vulnerable and disadvantaged children, but also to impact the continent of Africa through a vision that had so strongly gripped their heart.

Upon returning to the USA, after their short visit to Zambia, the Mbulos, with the help of few of their friends in the USA, began to prepare how to rescue these children from the alleys, back roads and garbage dumps. “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. (James 1:27).

Who are these kids that the Mbulos could not walk away from? They are first of all, God’s creation made in his image and likeness. They are also victims of the HIV/AIDS pandemic (they themselves are afflicted, infected or orphaned by the scourge).

Against this background the Mbulos, in July 2001, launched LifeNet Children’s Rescue Mission, which is a humanitarian arm of Capital Christian Ministries International, a Christian ministry founded by the Mbulos in 1999 in the USA and later launched in Zambia in March 2000, and now expanding to other parts of Africa.

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