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CCWC Lusaka
CCMI Foreign Missions
As a ministry called to plant a Local Church Based Multifaceted Christian Ministry in every Capital City in Africa, Capital Christian Ministries International sends out missionaries to various capital cities of Africa. At the moment, God has enabled us to send forth two missionaries; to South Africa and Malawi. A door has already opened in Botswana with all the paper work processed. Below are the various links to our foreign missions:

Pretoria, South Africa

Pastor and Mrs. Rabecca Mwale
Pastor Ken and Mrs Rabecca Mwale

Our vision as a City Church is to see the whole city of Pretoria covered with the message of Christ. As a local Church we see ourselves reaching out to every corner of the city. Visit our website on

Gaborone, Botswana

Pastor and Mrs. Winnie Simukombo
Pastor Stanely and Mrs Winnie Simukombo

We are believing God for a church plant in Gaborone.