Visitor Assimilation

Who Are We?

We are a department of Capital Christian Ministries International that endeavor to make our visitors feel welcome.

What Do We Do?

  • Give visitors enough information at the Visitors Table.
  • We follow up our visitors so as to listen to them.
  • We try to push as many people as possible in a committed role of the church.
  • We try to make Visitor Assimilation as personal as possible by changing the story to a nice one if need be.
  • We pay attention to the returning visitors.

When and Where Do We Meet?

We meet every Sunday at Mulungushi International Conference Center, starting from 09.00hrs -11.00hrs.

Our Motto:

“It Takes People To Reach People”.


About the Author:

A Visionary Leader, Church-Planter, Pastor, College Lecturer and Organization Management Expert. He has been training and developing Leaders for Churches and Organizations for over 35 years. He is Founder and President of Capital Christian Ministries International.

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