Leadership Development

John Maxwell said something that I am totally in agreement with, he said that the failure or success of any organization depends on its leadership. As important as the need for competent leadership is, the subject on the other hand has not received the amount of attention it deserves. Few universities let alone Bible schools or seminaries offer this subject as a complete program. Few that have realized its importance offer it as one of the courses within a program.

As I have been observing the body of Christ, being a Pastor myself, I have had many instances where I felt that the Church needs to revisit the issue of training competent leaders. There are quite a number of secular graduate schools for business leadership that are doing a fabulous job of training business executives on effective leadership models. The Church on the other hand is doing very little in tackling this important subject.

As a matter of fact, writing this is very therapeutic to me because it is drawn from a desire that has been mounting in me for years. My desire for leadership development has reached levels where I am now currently pursuing a Doctorate in Leadership and Management at LOGOS University in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

My desire for effective and competent leadership has led me to search the bible to find some principles and models of effective leadership. Allow me to say that effective leadership is both being and doing.

It is with this understanding, background and passion that we at Capital Christian Ministries International endeavor to train Leaders effectively, under our bi-annual 6 weeks Lay Pastor training program.

Bishop George Mbulo (BA; M.Div.; MBA)
President/Senior Pastor