Club Encounter Ministries (Club EM)

Who Are We?

Club Encounter Ministries (Club EM) caters for the teens and pre-teens. These are young people who are vibrant, energetic and relevant to the urban culture.

What Do We Do?

We are involved in various ministry activities targeted at the youth, in particular teenagers and pre-teens. Within Club EM we have several sub departments named;

Righteous Troops: This is the dance group of the ministry. Our young people use contemporary dance and hip hop to minister to their peers.

Drama: This group carries out ministry in form of stage plays.

Encounter Praise: Within our young people we have identified some that are gifted with wonderful voices which they use to glorify the name of the Lord in praise and worship. Encounter Praise also known as EP is the praise team of CLUB EM. Every quarter they are scheduled on our praise and worship roster to lead the Capital Christian congregation in worship, and they do it so very well.

When and Where Do We Meet?

We have Youth Services bi-weekly immediately after our Sunday Worship Services. This takes place at Capital Impact Centre (Meanwood Vorna Valley). All Youths are invited.