At Capital Christian Ministries International we call our Cell meetings “Christian Life Care groups” also known as CLCs. To find a CLC close to you please view the list of Districts below and contact us for further information.

District 1: Chelstone, Avondale, Salama Park, Chainda, Meanwood Ibex, Waterfalls, Silver Rest.

District 2: Kaunda Square 1 & 2, NRDC, PHI, Mutendere, Chainama, Munali, UNZA, Mass Media East.

District 3: Chamba Valley, Kamanga, Kwamwena.

District 4: Roma, Kalundu, Ng’ombe, Foxdale, Chudleigh, Jesmondine.

District 5: Olympia Park, Olympia Extension, Thorn Park, Northmead, Garden.

District 6: Villa Elizabeth, Emmasdale, Chaisa.

District 7: Mandevu, Chipata, Kabanana, Chazanga, Kabangwe.

District 10: Makeni South, St. Bonaventure, Mimosa, Linda, Chilanga, Mapepe, Lilayi.

District 11: Misisi, Chawama, John Howard, Jack.

District 12: Luburma, Madras, Kamwala, Kamwala South, Kabwata, Kabwata South.

District 13: Libala, Libala South, Chilenje, Chilenje South, Lusaka South Airport.

District 14: Woodlands, Woodlands Ext, Chalala, Shantumbu, New Kasama, Bauleni, Nyumba Yanga, State Lodge.

District 15: ZAF Twin Palm Ibex Hill, Kabulonga, Sunning dale.

District 17: Mass Media West, Long Acres, Rhodes Park.

District 18: Ridge Way, Sikanze Police Camp, Civic Center, NIPA, Evelyn Hone College.

District 19: Scientific Research, ZAF Lusaka, Ndeke, Vorna Valley.

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Christian Life Care Groups- Caring Enough to Encourage.