What a glorious wonderful day the Lord has made.

This morning, Sunday the 15th of October 2017 we had the privilege and singular honor of worshiping with Drs. Winston and Gloria Broomes, Senior Pastors Emeritus of Grace Assembly of God Atlantic City who are also the Spiritual Parents and Mentors of our Senior Pastors Bishop George and Rev. Beatrice Mbulo.

Today’s Worship Service was historical in every sense of the word as we received a prophetic and profound message from Apostle Dr. Winston Broomes from the book of Revelations chapter 21 on the New Jerusalem, a Holy City, a Beautiful City and a Blessed City where those who call upon the name of the Lord shall dwell forever!

You can watch this profound message on our LIVE STREAM video, check our previous post.

We give God the glory for His glorious visitation today and for his chosen vessels, the Broomes’s for all years they have labored in the Lord’s vineyard. Today we stand as the fruits of their labor of love.